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Tattooing Australia is a community for learning about tattooing, finding tattoo designs and for sharing artist information. Australians are mad about tattoos and so are we. Check out our tattoo design resources for more information about popular styles. See our artist profiles to find some of Australia’s most talented tattooists and look at their work. If you like what you see you can even contact them to book a consultation. Be sure to check out our recommended studios in one of Australia’s 4 major cities.

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Planning Your Tattoo Design

Getting a tattoo is no small matter. You are committing to changing your body for the rest of your life. My advice, invest in a quality tattoo artist and tattoo designer. Below you will find a rough guide and process to follow which will ensure you end up with a unique design that you will be stoked with forever. We are going to assume you are already committed to the idea of getting a tattoo at this point.

Step 1 – Placement

Firstly, you need to decide where you want it. There are a few things to consider here, personal preferences aside. You need to consider if the tattoos visibility is going to impact your career aspirations. And not just for the next 5 years but forever. For example, if you work in sales and need to build relationships with all kinds of new people then having a big dirty spider tattoo on your neck or face might make this a bit more of a challenge. If you are thinking ‘I like challenges’ then pick a different challenge. It is unfortunate but some people will still judge you based on your tattoos.

Another point to consider is how big you want to go. Some designs are much better as bigger pieces because this allows much more detail to be incorporated. If you want to start small then add to the work in the future, ensure there is enough space on your chosen body part.

Step 2 – The Tattoo Design

This is the stage you need to spend most of you time on. You can do plenty of research but there will come a point where you need to consult a tattooist to have your ideas made into your own piece of art.

Use resources like this to look at tattoo designs and get some ideas. You do not want to just find a design, print it, take it to a tattoo artist and say “Hi, please put this here”. That is someone else’s design created for them and their preferences. You want your own design that will fit your body and what you are into.

Gather as many ideas as you can. The more information you can take to your tattoo artist the more they can learn about you. Going in unprepared is something that will result in a never-ending design process with your artist. You need to have a clear picture in your mind about the style and theme and take examples so you can accurately get your ideas across to your artist.

Step 3 – Pick an Artist

This step is critical. The artist you choose needs to be able to translate the ideas in your head into a custom piece of art. Start by researching tattoo artists. You can use our artist profile pages to find quality tattooists in your area and explore some of their tattoo designs. Ensure the artist’s style matches your preference. For example, you wouldn’t want to ask an artist specializing in geometric designs to take a stab at your portrait tattoo. Just find an amazing portrait tattooist!

Once you have found an artist book a consultation. This is where you can show them your ideas and what you want. They can then draw you up a custom design to match your chosen style and also fit it nicely to your body.

Price should not be a factor when choosing an artist. If you can’t afford the artist you want then start saving. You will regret going with the cheaper plan B artist. You are better off waiting a year and saving enough to go with plan A because plan A is going to give you that tattoo you will look at every day and think damn I’m glad I went with plan A. And besides what’s the rush?

Step 4 – Sit On It

So you have your custom tattoo design all drawn up from your favorite incredible artist. Take this design, pin it to your wall and just stare at it.  Do this every day for a month. If you still love it after a month and you can picture having it on your body forever then you know it’s the right one. Even if you have second thoughts your artist can still make changes to the design.

Too many people dive right in at the first consultation and get their tattoo there and then. This is usually a mistake unless you fully trust your artist and know their capabilities. Think of it like a marriage, it’s forever (or painful to part with). It’s not such a good idea to meet someone decide you like them and marry them 10 minutes later. You may discover they’re an asshole 3 days into it. Same goes for a tattoo design. It’s too big of a decision to see a design and commit to it forever on the spot. Think it over and be sure you love it, you will be glad you waited.


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The future is here! Check out the video of the first ever tattoo from an industrial robot arm. This is some real back to the future type shit. Not long now until our childhood dream of having a Starship Troopers ‘death from above’ laser tattoo is fufilled!

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The Realistic Tattoo Test

What is the best way gauge the accuracy and success of a realistic tattoo? How about editing the tattoo back into the photo it was based on. If the artist has truly done their job well you should hardly be able to tell the difference right? We call this the realistic tattoo test.

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